Encore’s Open House – January 22, 2019

On January 22nd, Encore opened their office doors to clients and colleagues. What resulted was an amazing night.

Encore Changing One Life At A Time

Here at Encore, we believe in the unity of a team and the potential that has to accomplish tasks that are beyond the abilities of any single person alone.  So when our relationship with Extraordinary Conceptions began back in 2015, there was no doubt in our minds that it would be the start of a beautiful relationship.

We were honored to host a luncheon for the Extraordinary Conceptions team and Surrogacy Law Center team in Carlsbad as a way to show our appreciation for their commitment and loyalty, not only to us but to our community as well.

Their dedication and passion for helping individuals, couples and families is what we love seeing in all of our clients, as it’s the very kind of environment we encourage here at Encore: People helping people.

So with great pride, we extend our thanks to all the Extraordinary Conceptions and Surrogacy Law Center teams who continue inspiring us through their dedication, commitment and hard work in helping families grow together.  We are honored to work with you and continue building our relationship with you and the community!

Encore’s Fourth Annual Evening of Excellence

Encore hosted our annual Evening of Excellence, proving once more that we have the most amazing supporters out there.

“A Wholistic Approach to Planning” Part 2

Here at Encore, we focus on delivering value to our clients. We do this not only through the tax and advisory services we provide, but also by partnering with our clients.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we host informative and beneficial seminars on topics that we feel are relevant to them. This month we hosted part 2 of our planning series entitled “A Wholistic Approach to Planning”. During this seminar, we explored what Estate planning means, the different strategies and options available and how to avoid the pit falls that most people are prone to.

Our Q&A session was far from dull as we answered many of our client’s questions, joked and gave insight into situation specific strategies.

A special thank you to our guest speakers from Potente Law and Northwestern Mutual.

If you are interested in attending our next client seminar, please contact Susan Lee at 858-549-7100 or by email susan.lee@encorepartnersllp.com.

Encore – Asian Business Association’s 2018

Encore Partners LLP was honored as the Asian Business Association’s 2018 Small Business of the Year. We feel honored to get the award.

Encore – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Encore hosted a recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts seminar on January 24, 2018, detailing all the new changes in the tax code.

Encore’s 2017 Evening of Excellence

Encore’s 2017 Evening of Excellence – What an Evening!

After another brutal busy season, Encore Partners continues to thrive and excel – and what better way to celebrate than with our 3rd annual Evening of Excellence!

This year’s event was the biggest yet allowing us the opportunity to enjoy fine wine and food with those who made our successes possible: our marvelous clients and magnificent networking partners.

This year was indeed a turning point for us for many reasons, wins and blessings throughout the year made our unimaginable goal into reality, but we also remembered the challenges we faced in the past. Those trials have shaped us into the firm that we are today and humbled us through the years.  We are ever grateful that we have been able to reap the rewards of our hard work year after year.

But of course, we do still have questions going forward, with one perpetually coming up: How do we remain as a valued firm? To answer that, we compiled a video with interviews from a few of our valued clients. Their insights were inspiring and left us with a sense of clarity and direction.

But the excitement wouldn’t stop there – we still had many beautiful gift baskets to give away! With the fabulous gift baskets of themes in Tuscan, snack, breakfast, coffee, and to-be-cooked goods, it’s no wonder that guests were exhilarated to see who won them. So, congratulations to our winners. Our Evening of Excellence was filled with great food, wines and drinks with live music. Our face to face gathering put smile and laughter on all of us as we witnessed new relationships forming among our clients, colleagues and networking partners.

It was indeed the evening of celebration of our excellence and success with those who have been on this journey with us.  Our growth is hand in hand with theirs, and we wish nothing but to continue to flourish with them. We are and always will be in the business of helping yours.

Here is to our unstoppable journey towards excellence together!

Thank you for making our journey possible.

*Click here for our full photo gallery for the event.

Encore Partner’s first open house!

Encore Partner’s LLP has opened their first open house in UTC mall. The positive feedback we have received is thrilling!

Encore’s Business Entity Choices Seminar

Encore is committed to continuously host seminars that are informative and beneficial to our clients, prospect clients and networking partners.

On July 19, 2017, we hosted a seminar titled “Business Entity Choices” to go over various entity types and address pros and cons of each of them.

A choice of entity can affect the number and identity of shareholders and partners, equity structure, control and management. For existing businesses, it is very important to assess suitability for expansion and ease of sale, termination or dissolution.

Our Q&A session was filled with thought-provoking discussions and insights on strategies for specific situations. Our deepest gratitude to all attendees for their presence and input.

If you have any specific subjects that you would like to see covered, we would love to hear about them so that our future seminars will be even more of a success.