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What a busy season!

Posted on April 16, 2019

What a busy season it has been!

Monday marked the end of this year’s traditional tax busy season. It was indeed a tough busy season, but looking back at the last four months, I will also say it was all worth it. I love how my team and I have had opportunities to connect with you on a personal level and share strategies. The feeling of being trusted as your tax advisor is always so rewarding. We thank you for that privilege.

My team and I are certainly catching our breath, but nothing really ends on Tax Day.  As many of you know very well, Team Encore is busy year-round whether it’s tax time or not.

Especially this year, in light of the major tax reform in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we have never received this many inquiries and questions from clients and we feel honored that we were able to provide the best outcomes possible. I am also immensely grateful for our team for spending countless long hours, days and nights serving our clients to ensure that all is taken care of.

We can attest that there was a clear distinction from the clients who anticipated and prepared for the impact from the recent tax law changes and implemented strategies with us early on. For clients who planned strategies ahead, tax return preparation was a smooth ride with no last-minute scrambling or surprise. This really reaffirms the benefit of working with trustworthy CPAs all-year-round. Coordinating projections each quarter with estimated payments is key to stay on top of your overall finances. 

We help companies and individuals plan and execute their financial goals or objectives. Organizations have strategic financial planning, bookkeeping and many other tasks to deal with year-round to increase profits and thrive. Individuals also should think about tax strategies and the most tax-efficient methods to reduce tax liabilities and save for retirement, college, large purchases, etc.

It is Team Encore’s mission to help keep your financial health on track. For your financial stability and prosperity, let us lead the way with our knowledge and action plan.

Thank you again for another year of trust and support.

Let’s continue to rise and soar together!


Betty Kim and Team Encore,