USD Summer Leadership Program 2016

usd summer leadership_headerWe strongly believe that education and enthusiasm go hand in hand to be successful in your career choice. Our firm’s motto “Happy People Make Inspiring Tax Advisors”, is an important concept to consider when choosing a career. The student needs to fully grasp what their environment, day to day life and future opportunities could be. For this reason, we partnered with USD to offer students the opportunity for a glimpse inside the inner working of our firm during USD’s Summer Leadership program.

This program is designed to help mentor and guide students as they try to determine which track in the world of accounting is best suited to their goals, personality and talents. It also gives them a look at the different work environments and options that will be available to them following their graduation.

Both of Encore’s Partners greeted the students in a warm and encouraging manner, acting as mentors, sharing personal experiences, and explaining who we are as a firm. They spoke to the students about our clients, our work and our culture. They explained what an engagement cycle looks and feels like within tax, and more specifically within Encore. Because an engagement cycle has so many moving parts it can sometime be difficult to explain, understanding the engagement cycle provides a global view of what we do and how we do it. This information is important for students to know has it can be applied to different projects and situations, so we wanted to emphasize it through fun-filled skits. During these skits the students were able to get the sense of urgency often conveyed by clients, managers and partners during the cycle. They were also able to see the flow of work and information as it went from client to partner and then down to manager, staff and intern.

Before we all said goodbye, we welcomed them as part of the Encore team during a friendly ice cream building challenge. We formed teams and equipped each team with a wide array of supplies including candy, cookies, ice cream, cups and scoops. They had ten minutes to build the tallest sundae they could, utilizing an Encore wine glass as the base and only food items to build it up. The competition ended in laughter as one sundae clearly stood out as the winner, but soon toppled over as it melted. This challenge was purposefully designed for the students and staff members alike to demonstrate their ability to work as a team, communicate, plan, and execute under a tight deadline that required them to be resourceful in the face of a “Meltdown”. Here at Encore, delivering quality work in a timely matter is of the utmost importance and we wanted to see how the participants and our team would do receiving the challenge of an unknown project with a tight deadline. It was a fun, value filled, and successful venture.

We hope the students not only found our Leadership program fun, but informative as well.

If you would like to take a look at some of the video taken of the skits and the ice cream challenge, please click below.