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Stay Ahead with Your Taxes! – 2019 Q2 Projection

Posted on May 28, 2019

Dear Clients,

Hope you had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend with your friends and family!

We would like to take the lead and get started here!

It is crucially important to “stay ahead” with your estimated tax payment due. The Q2 estimated payment due date is right around the corner (June 15th), we would like to remind you to be proactive about your tax planning and complete your tax projections for the second quarter.

Always with client service in mind, Team Encore strives to stay on top of the tax strategies for you by closely monitoring new tax law updates and coming up with tailored plans just for you.

As you know very well, tax compliance is certainly not for tax filing season only. This is one of the key reasons why Team Encore stays busy all year round.

A majority of taxing authorities mandate payment of taxes throughout the year as income is earned. Failure to make quarterly payments may result in underpayment penalties and interest. Estimating a quarterly projection in a timely manner will help you keep your finances in track with no unwanted surprises as you will be able to anticipate cash flow needs and minimize penalties and interest.

We will project your taxable income and related estimated income tax liability for the second quarter

based on information you provide to us. We will provide a summary worksheet to guide you in organizing the information that we need to prepare the income tax projection. In addition to the income tax projection, we will provide you with a summary of tax planning strategies that may reduce your 2019 tax liability.

Sophisticated tax planning and projections are crucially important for your financial well-being and success. Our dedicated team is readily available to assist you.

Please give us a call to start the process!

Discussing your taxes over a glass of wine always works for me😊

Betty Kim, Managing Partner