Real Estate

Have you ever had a tax surprise - pleasant or otherwise - related to your real estate decisions? Let Encore Partners LLP be your guide to mitigate risk and strategically plan for windfalls.

White-ComplexEncore Partners LLP meets the complex business and tax needs of real estate owner, real estate companies, REITS, and property management companies by focusing on the business of real estate.

At Encore Partners LLP, we understand the ins and outs of real estate and offer turnkey solutions through an innovative blend of services that provides measurable savings to businesses in the real estate industry. Our tax professionals offer real estate companies a wide range of services from income tax planning throughout the lifecycle of their business to real property tax consulting to ensure that your property is assessed fairly and you are not overpaying taxes. Through a complete suite of value-added services focused on Real Estate, Encore Partners LLP identifies and secures cost reduction opportunities that result in lasting value.

Within the real estate industry we have emerged as a model for professionalism, integrity and unparalleled customer satisfaction. With the Partners combined real estate experience of over 30 years, you can rest assured that you are benefiting from our team’s wealth of knowledge and international firm experience.

Our real estate services include:

Tax SpecialistsIncome Tax Compliance

Our real estate taxation services focus on tax-efficient acquisition, investment, and disposition entity structures for real estate transactions to minimize FERA and state income tax and maximize the saving to your business.

Cost Segregation/Repair & Maintenance Studies

Substantial tax savings for your property may lie in the floor beneath your feet, within the walls around you or even in the shrubs outside your building. At Encore Partners LLP, we specialize in conducting Cost Segregation Studies and identifying opportunities to claim accelerated depreciation for qualifying real estate properties. What make us even more distinct is that in addition to Cost Segregation, we understand how the results of the Cost Segregation Study affects your business and/or personal tax situation.

Purchase Price Allocation

Recognize the costs of acquisitions and liabilities as tangible assets and separately recognizing (and later amortizing) intangible assets based on their fair values.

Tax Ramification Projections (for buyers and sellers)

Our skilled tax planning professionals configure tax projections that help clients reduce their income tax liability and allow them to precisely manage the tax ramifications of potential events and activities.

Special Tax Issues for REITS

REITs are a pool of properties and mortgages bundled together and offered as a security in the form of unit investment trusts. Encore Partners LLP has a vast knowledge pool and wide ranging experience in assisting companies engaged in real estate activities with multi-tiered investments operating in multiple states.

Transaction Structuring

White-VillaOften time during a merger & acquisition the excitement that is generated is palatable. While the growth and power your company will experience is something to be celebrated, it is important to keep in mind that in all likelihood these changes will introduce complications and changes to your business operations and tax rates. Is this something you are prepared for? At Encore Partners LLP we will work closely with you through each phase of the Merger & Acquisition process to ensure that everything goes as planned and that your transition is seamless. We will provide due diligence services, acquisition risk assessment and tax efficient deal structuring. Encore Partners LLP can structure your mergers and acquisitions to optimize tax benefits and minimize your company’s tax exposure with strategic transaction structuring and planning services.

Tax Authorities Audit

We represent clients with many aspects of federal, state and local tax controversy matters, including Internal Revenue Service audits and appeals.

Real Property Tax

Real estate is a financially complex investment which bestows numerous tax preferences and deductions. Still, various factors must be closely evaluated in order to secure the advantages of this investment strategy. At Encore Partners LLP we boast a dynamic combination of technical skills and advances capable of delivering the optimum financial outcome for your real estate situation. Achieve complete and accurate reporting in accordance with property tax rules and regulations and ensure your assets are appropriately valued and levied with Encore Partners LLP.

Foreign Investment 

Encore Partners provides advisory services to foreign investors, guiding them as they navigate tax regulations for U.S. Real Estate during the purchase and ownership of their investment. The complex details of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA), which addresses the tax consequences to foreign investors disposing of their U.S. realty interests, can often seem daunting and it is best to seek professionals who are familiar with this specific area of tax. The extensive knowledge we have in this area allows us to work with you on the exploration of options to minimize the FIRPTA tax. In addition, Encore Partners provides advisory services for both the U.S. tax consequences of U.S. taxpayers with foreign operations and the U.S. tax consequences of foreign taxpayers with U.S. operations.

Here at Encore, we provide various tax planning services to foreign investors who are looking to invest in the U.S. Real Estate market or have already done so, including assisting them with setting up tax-efficient real estate investment structures, providing advice on exit strategies etc.

We are real estate tax experts. Let us guide you.