Taxation issues are affecting my business. How do we keep up with always changing reporting requirements for federal and state tax compliance and figure out the best tax strategies for our business?

Encore Partners LLP can ensure that your business not only makes the right decisions but makes them at the right time.  Often, the timing of when you make and execute a decision can have just as much impact on your business as the decision itself. We will keep you informed of any changes in policies or tax laws that may impact you and your decision making. If you are unsure if a decision or the timing of the decision you are making, please contact us, we are here to help.

Federal and State Tax compliance, multi-state and international tax compliance, SEC reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley can each be complex individually but become even more so when your business strategies and long term planning become part of the equation. At Encore Partners LLP we have significant experience working with companies of various sizes ranging from start-ups to large public corporations. We understand the tax code intricacies relating to corporations and are here to assist you in navigating them. Making the right choices for your company won’t always be easy, but with our help, you will be able to make those tough decisions knowing that they will have an overall positive impact on your company. Whether you are seeking simple tax compliance work or have multiple tax filing obligations, having an advisor you can trust can make all the difference. Contact Encore Partners LLP for more information on how we can minimize your tax tricks, maximize your savings and achieve your business objectives.

Our services include:

100_1413Corporate Planning and Compliance

It is every business’ desire to maximize their savings while minimizing their risks. In fact, in order to compete in today’s market, it is imperative that you do so. The tax implications of various decisions are not always apparent, and you will need the expertise and experience of a corporate tax professional to guide you. Your tax strategy must make note of the various implications that come with every business decision that you make. At Encore Partners LLP we utilize our deep knowledge of rules, regulations and key issues to customize an approach that is proactive and customized to meet your business ‘needs.

State & Local Taxes

State and local taxes often make up a significant portion of a company’s tax burden. If your company operates across multiple counties and states compliance with these regulations can be both complex and time-consuming. It is vital that you consult with a tax professional to ensure you address your tax liabilities in the most efficient manner possible. If you don’t, your risk of incurring penalties grows.

Encore Partners can help your business in the following areas: Sales and Use Tax, Property Tax, Income and Franchise Tax, Tax and Credit Incentives, Enterprise Owned Credits and Jurisdiction.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate Tax ProfessionalOften time during a merger & acquisition the excitement that is generated is palatable. While the growth and power your company will experience is something to be celebrated, it is important to keep in mind that in all likelihood these changes will introduce complications and changes to your business operations and tax rates. Is this something you are prepared for? At Encore Partners LLP we will work closely with you through each phase of the Merger & Acquisition process to ensure that everything goes as planned and that your transition is seamless. We will provide due diligence services, acquisition risk assessment and tax efficient deal structuring. Encore Partners LLP can structure your mergers and acquisitions to optimize tax benefits and minimize your company’s tax exposure with strategic transaction structuring and planning services.

Tax Provision Services (ASC 740/FAS 109)

An area that was highly affected by the SOX auditor independence rules was who would now be able to prepare or assist in the preparation of a company’s tax provision. According to these rules, an Auditor is no longer able to prepare or assist with the preparation of the company’s income tax provision and tax footnote. With companies no longer being able to rely on their auditors, many companies found that they lacked sufficient in-house resources to prepare and review the tax provision and tax footnote. Because of the deficiency of in-house resources, internal review, the technical complexities of ASC 740 (FAS 109 tax provision), FIN 48 (uncertain tax positions, FAS 123(R) (stock-based compensation)), and other reporting required, tax provisions became one of the leading causes of material weaknesses and restatements. At Encore Partners LLP we possess strong technical skills in tax and GAAP accounting knowledge and we can offer timely and accurate services for the preparation of tax provisions, and/or the review of in-house prepared tax provisions for minimization of exposures to material weakness and restatements. Our services include preparation of tax accrual computations and deferred tax roll-forwards.