A Message From Mike: Busy As A Bee

Now that spring busy season is behind us, people I run into every day are asking me, “Now that tax season is over, are you taking it easy? Taking time off?  Vacation?  Playing a lot of golf?  Etc.” I laugh and tell them, “No, we are as busy as bees right now!”

Last December, I did something that I had wanted to do for the past few years: I ordered a bee hive for my back yard, complete with bees.  Ok, I knew nothing about bees at the time, but what I did know is that bees are fabulous creatures and extremely hard workers.

Back during busy season, the Encore team could relate to the life of a bee. There are a lot of connections and similarities between the way bees work and the way we work: Client documents coming in every day (gathering of pollen and nectar) and tax returns and other projects going out (making honey). I found out that bees work pretty much every day of the year (except in snow country when it gets cold, when they cling to each other for warmth and go dormant) and the minute that the April 15th deadline goes by, we move from one deadline to the next, following suit of our fellow bees.

Our clients have needs year round, and we are here for them year round. We have clients that have purchased buildings and need cost segregation studies. We have clients that exercise stock options and need to know their tax. We have clients taking jobs in other countries that need to know the tax implications, clients with quarterly projections due in June, and clients starting up new companies that need advice and documents prepared. We have Q1 REIT testings to do. We keep track of all the crazy things going on in Washington and how it might affect our clients. And the list goes on and on.

Truly, there is never a dull moment here at Encore.  Both Betty, myself and the rest of our team are here every day to service our client’s needs, just like the bees who need to gather pollen for their hive.  I sit back and watch them buzz in and out. They never collide with each other. They never fight with each other for a prized blossom.  And yet they continue working to build perfect hexagonal compartments to store their honey.

Bees are tireless, just as we are here at Encore.  Though our staff may not be as efficient at pollinating sunflowers, we are always buzzing around tax and keeping busy to help save our clients honey.  Oops, I mean, money.