Loving What You Do – Happy Guy’s Trip to Northern California

Happy Guy is not only spreading smiles to others, but also seems to be able to locate other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Recently, my wife and I took a trip up to Monterrey where we camped by the beach in Watsonville. Here we were able to enjoy not only the beautiful beach, but because Watsonville is a farming community, we were able to visit some of the local farms. They are THE strawberry capital of the world, or so they say, although after seeing the many fields of strawberries, it is easy to believe.

Happy Guy had never been to Monterrey and so accompanied us on our trip where we did the usual tourist activities, such as stop at every fruit and vegetable stand along the side of the road. It was our mission to find the best artichokes and strawberries that Watsonville could supply. There were several stands that we stopped at on our first day out; they had some nice tasting fruit, but the people who worked there were not very friendly and they didn’t seem to exhibit much joy in their jobs. So we enjoyed our plunder, took a few selfies and then headed back to camp. On our way back we noticed that we had missed a stand because it was closed so we decided that we would just go there the next day, and try out the “organic strawberries” that their signs boasted.

The next day we woke up looking forward to our anticipated adventure at the strawberry fields. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but the weather was wonderful and strawberries sounded good. When we pulled up to the stand, there were other cars parked and several people buying strawberries. As we approached, the person behind the counter begun waving us over and then a second person joined in, both were smiling. Happiness radiated from their faces as they laughed and talked with each customer, for them these strawberries were exciting and because they were excited, we became excited. When we began talking to them about their farm, we found out that the two ladies behind the counter were the farmer’s wife and daughter. The business had once belonged to her father who started it over 45 years earlier, and it was now theirs. Smiling all the time, we purchased a box of Strawberries from them and were on our way. Later that evening, we found ourselves looking into an empty box–those strawberries were so good we didn’t even notice that we had eaten them all at dinner. We decided we would stop by when we left town and pick up a few more boxes to take home.

This time it was the farmer and his daughter manning the booth. His wife was actually out picking berries to sell at the stand (they give all their employees Sunday’s off, and since they sell fresh picked strawberries, they have to pick them themselves). My wife and I took some time to learn more about the farmer and his farm. He was just beaming as he spoke about it and his history in Horticulture. The more he talked the more I thought about us and our firm, because while the fields of expertise varied greatly, the joy he finds in his work and accomplishments is the same joy I find in mine.  It was then that I knew, I just had to have a picture of him and Happy Guy.

After explaining the background of Happy Guy, I asked the farmer for a picture of him and Happy guy on a HUGE John Deere tractor. He loved our quote and so he excitedly agreed, driving his tractor around to the front of the fields. We snapped a few photos and he told me a little more about his history. He met his wife while attending the Horticulture program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; they have been together ever since growing these luscious berries.

He had been doing what he loved for going on 30 years now and still enjoys it as much, if not more than when he began. That is what Happy Guy stands for, not just the taking of silly pictures (although that is fun and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon), but loving what you do. So I told the farmer we will have to have a variation to our tag line “Happy People Make Inspiring Tax Advisors”, it could as easily be “Happy People Make Inspiring Strawberry Growers”

How about you? Would you like to nominate someone that you feel has this same enthusiasm for their work? If you do, have them take a picture with Happy Guy and fill in the blank “Happy People, Make Inspiring _________________”!

P.S. Happy Man was adopted into the farmer’s horticulture family where he will continue to inspire those around him. Let’s face it, farming is tough work, a 7 days a week job, but when you love what you do, it is worth it!