Cheers to a New Year! Looking Back at 2016.

As we head in to the 2017 year, I would like to take a moment and reflect on our growth over the past year. Every year has its ups and downs, but for us, I feel that the changes that we have made have been positive.

We have worked hard toward achieving our Mission and the progress we have made in reaching our destination of excellence has brought our firm joy.

Over the past few years, we have worked to build strong relationships with our clients and this year they began to payoff. Not only did we continue to serve our existing clients, but we had the privilege of completing numerous new business and individual returns along with various other business tax consulting services, cost segregation studies and business advisory projects. The new projects we took on this year all came to us through referrals for our existing clients, colleagues, and networking partners. Not only have we continued to attract Clients from the Real Estate sector of business, but we have expanded to serve various clients such as internet marketing service providers, video production agencies, surrogacy centers, biotech start-ups, educational and private universities, flight and airplane businesses, nursing and care-giving companies, medical professional and companies, just to name a few.

Not only did we excel in the number of clients we served, but we also made sure that our team members had the tools necessary to grow as individuals and as tax advisors. Encore University, a learning program that not only focuses on sharping our teams’ technical skills, but also aids in their growth as leaders, as team members and as individuals was launch this past year. The growth they achieve while enrolled in this program enables them to work with and guide clients and their direct reports to success. Encore University is not only an online learning module, but also integrates in person workshops and seminars that teach soft skills. We believe that this investment in our team can clearly be seen in the client service they provide to you, our valued clients.

In order to bring our clients even greater value, we launched our new website, allowing for greater ease of use, the ability to read previous newsletters, and view videos. We have also launched a series of client workshops on popular and applicable subjects. These workshops are designed not only to share information but to answer questions that many of our clients may have. If you have interest in attending one of our upcoming workshops, please contact Susan Lee and she would be happy to add you as an invitee.

We are in the business of helping yours. So, as we continue to grow, we will maintain the small firm feel and personalization that is so important to our many clients. We will still work with you side by side to aid you in the steering of your vessel. We will continue to refine ourselves, not once being satisfied with where we are, but continuing our journey to excellence.

This year we anticipate seeing many changes to the existing tax codes and while this leaves us with mixed emotions, we look forward to working with you as you strategize to make decisions that will help you not only maintain, but grow your wealth.

Let us look towards 2017 with hope and drive, knowing that by working together, planning for the changes that may come and basing our decisions off sound advice this year can be one of celebration. We look forward to partnering with you as you continue your journey, whether the waters be turbulent or smooth, we are here to help you navigate them. Please contact us if you would like to set up a time to discuss how changes in the tax code may affect you.