Encore’s 2016 Evening of Excellence

Another year of excellence has passed; we celebrated this occasion by hosting our annual “Evening of Excellence” event this last week. We enjoyed a fun filled evening where we were able to connect with our clients and networking partners over a glass of wine and some amazing hors d’oeuvres, relax in the evening air and enjoy a beautiful sunset shortly before our program of speeches and giveaways began.

Betty Garcia shared a few words regarding the history of Encore, what has been accomplished over the past few years, as well as sharing insight into the path and future of Encore.

Many of our staff members shared a few words about Encore as they gave away themed gift baskets that highlighted different aspects of Encore such as its growth, our journey, family, risk, our dedication to clients and how we put our clients mind at ease.

This annual event celebrates not only the success of our firm, but also the success of our clients. Over the past six years we have had the privilege of assisting you with your growth, guiding you through the tricky tax waters that all companies face, and helping you to find the current that takes you where you want to go.

Through the years we have focused on making Encore a strong and sea worth vessel through our client relationships, training programs and company culture, but no matter how strong of a vessel we may be, how well equipped our crew is or how great of a compass our vision and mission is, without the wind Encore would not be able to sail the seas of success. The trust you have put in us and our abilities has acted as the wind in our sails, pushing us towards the achievement of our mission and vision. We could not have made this journey without you.

We are in the business of helping yours.

As we continue our growth in the coming years, we will maintain the small firm feel and personalization that you have come to appreciate. We will work with you, side by side, to aid you in the steering of your vessel. We will continue to refine ourselves, not once being satisfied with where we are, but continuing our journey to excellence.

Thank you for making our journey one that is filled with accomplishment, happiness and joy.