Encore Ninja Warrior

By now I am sure most of you have seen or at least heard of the show “American Ninja Warrior”. It is always amazing to watch the participants use not only their physical, but mental strength to overcome the various obstacles.

While working in the field of tax may not seem to relate much, when I watch these contestants train for the upcoming challenge, I can’t help but think of our amazing team. Not only is busy season grueling for them both mentally and physically, but they to have to train for it. They spend time learning about the changes to tax code, and learn new or complex tax strategies to insure the clients they are serving make the move that is right for them.

As a nod to their continued efforts to overcome obstacles in tax code, Encore decided to sponsor “Encore Ninja Warrior” as one of our team building events this past year.

Below you will find some highlights of our day as Ninja Warriors!