4th Annual Golf Tournament and 5th Anniversary Dinner

My how time has flown!

As I look back over the past five years of Encore’s journey, it is easy to see that we have truly been blessed. We have received such tremendous opportunities, faced challenges, and made some mistakes along the way; all of these situations proved to be refining moments for Encore. Through our hard work and the application of our Mission, Vision and Values, we have not only been able to utilize these moments to develop ourselves into leading professionals in the field of tax, but also as community leaders by assisting our clients, colleagues and employees to attain their goals. The joy that we have felt while on this journey is immeasurable, thank you to all of those who have accompanied us on it.

When we first started Encore, we recognized that our clients, colleagues, team members, friends and families would be instrumental in our success over the coming years. Out of our desire to both thank them for their continued support, and the wish to strengthen the relationships that we had formed when we set sail, Encore’s Annual Golf Tournament was born.  This year was unique as we not only hosted our 4th Annual Golf Tournament, but celebrated our firm reaching its 5 year milestone as well. These annual tournaments hold a special place in my heart, not only as our company’s first annual event, but also because this time of year marks the anniversary of Encore. These tournaments have allowed us to spend quality and personalized time with many of the clients and colleagues that we cherish. Thank you to all those that were able to join us in our celebration of meeting this important milestone in our journey.

This year the weather did not necessarily reflect the sunny smiles on our faces, but it did prove to be the perfect weather for golf. Even with the overcast skies and varied sprinkles, everyone was having a good time. This proved to be especially true at hole 7, where they were given the opportunity to warm up by joining me for a shot of tequila.  This station was part of the unique feature that we had added to this year’s tournament, “Golf with a Partner”. Both Mike and I had wanted the opportunity to personally interact, thank and golf with each of our guests, and so after some discussion, we decided that stationing ourselves each at a different hole and playing with each foursome as they came through would be the best way to accomplish this. I know that Mike and I enjoyed that time, and hope that our guests did as well.

Following the tournament, we hosted a celebration for achieving 5 years of excellence inside one of the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn ballrooms. While everyone was enjoying the delectable Mexican food and mariachi entertainment, we were able to thank our valued clients, mentors, friends and colleagues whom have been instrumental in our growth as a firm.  Our staff also took to the stage and shared their journeys as professionals with both our clients and with Mike and myself. Hearing these speeches proved to be a moving experience because while we had asked each staff member to share a little something regarding their journey to Encore, we did not expect the speeches to be so emotionally charged. To hear how we have impacted their personal and professional growth, gave us such joy and reinforced our belief that “Happy people, make inspiring tax advisors”.

Throughout our careers, we have had the opportunity to work IMG_7863with and observe what makes a tax advisor truly successful and what we found was this; you need much more than just technical skills, you need to be able to inspire those around you. You need to be happy, to love what you do, to be passionate about coming to work each day and always looking to learn new things. Those that find joy in their work are constantly striving for excellence and that in turn inspires others to reach new heights.

Our clients, friends and colleagues have been an important element in our journey toward this 5-year milestone. They have supported us through the years and by being like the wind in our sails, they have helped us as we have faced both gentle and turbulent waters. They have mirrored the drive determination and passion that we have seen in ourselves. They have made this journey possible.

To everyone that attended, thank you. We are so grateful to have shared this special milestone with those that have supported us through the years. Our 4th Annual Golf Tournament was not just a continuation of tradition, but a celebration of how far we have come in our journey. We look forward to continuing with you in your journey. Let us be the wind to you sail during your voyage to financial success. When you look back 10 or 20 years from now, we want to be remembered as someone who has inspired you.

Fair winds and full sails as we all continue on to our next milestone, cheers!