Thank you — What a Busy Season!

Dear Client and Colleague,

As our traditional busy season came to a close last week, we wanted to say a huge thank you for your overwhelming support and encouragement!

Without your loyalty and backing, we would not have been able to end this busy season so successfully. We not only survived yet another busy season, but we absolutely thrived!

The best part of the filing season is truly the connections we make with each and every one of you. I have been in this business for quite some time now and what I am most proud of when I reflect on past busy seasons, are the relationships that have been built or strengthened through these times. Especially, this year we have received unbelievably high volume of referrals and welcomed so many new clients. It was a joy to work with you and get to know you and your business.

With the sleep deprivation and fatigue behind, my Partner Mike and I are incredibly proud of all of you who entrusted us with your most important financial and business needs. Also, I cannot thank my team enough for their relentless dedication to providing the best possible services you can imagine. Every year, I truly believe my team raises the bar for excellence, accountability and service. Their infectious spirt of responsiveness and drive is what keeps Encore rocking and rolling.

Many of you have asked about the recent changes in tax laws in 2018 and we want to plan and strategize accordingly. Let’s get together!

Have a fantastic spring and summer ahead and let us continue to be the sounding board for your financial accomplishments you deserve.


Managing Partner